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Hyperspectral classification reference toolkit

Martian Cap : Hyperspectral Classification Reference

This toolkit is available upon request. Please contact Frédéric Schmidt.


This kit contains a classified reference hyperspectral image from the OMEGA instrument (Bibring, J.P., et al., 2004) observing the South Polar Cap of Mars in January 2004. Without any available ground truth, the classification using the WAVANGLET method (Schmidt, F., et al, 2007) is used as a reference and has been confirmed by several other studies such blind source separation (Moussaoui, S., et al., 2008) and physical radiative transfer inversion (Douté, S. , et al., 2007 ; Bernard-Michel, C., 2009).

File Content

  • README.rtf : Explanation file !
  • ORB0041_1_V03.REF : OMEGA hyperspectral cube binary data. This cube is calibrated and express in radiance factor (Radiance/cos(incidence)) and contain atmospheric contribution of aerosols and CO2 gas.
  • ORB0041_1_V03.REF.hdr : OMEGA hyperspectral cube ENVI header
  • ORB0041_1_V03.REF.lbl : OMEGA hyperspectral cube PDS header
  • BBL-JADE-BPSS-ORB0041_1.txt : Bad band list
  • ORB0041_1_V03.CUB_wavanglet_2_class : Wavanglet classification cube binary data (first band = water ice, second band = CO2 ice, third band = dust)
  • ORB0041_1_V03.CUB_wavanglet_2_class.hdr : Wavanglet classification cube ENVI header
  • ORB0041_1_V03.CUB_wavanglet_2_class.lbl : Wavanglet classification cube PDS header
  • ORB0041_1_V03.CUB_wavanglet_2_class.bmp : Wavanglet classification cube in color bitmap (Red = presence of CO2, Green = presence of dust, Blue = presence of water ice)
  • ORB0041_1_V03.CUB_wavanglet_2_totclass.roi : Classification in IDL/ENVI Region Of Interest format
  • reference_spectra_H2Opur_CO2pur_DustAtmosphere.spec : Reference Spectra binary data (water ice = synthetic data with grain size =100 microns, CO2 ice = synthetic data with grain size = 100 mm, dust = OMEGA reflectance spectra of a pure dust aera in the image)
  • reference_spectra_H2Opur_CO2pur_DustAtmosphere.spec.hdr : Reference Spectra ENVI header (water ice, CO2 ice, dust)
  • reference_spectra_H2Opur_CO2pur_DustAtmosphere.spec.pdf : Plot of the reference spectra (black = water ice, red =CO2 ice, green = dust)
  • Schmidt_Wavanglet_IEEETGRS2007.pdf : article Schmidt, F., et al, 2007
  • Moussaoui_JADE-BPSS_Neurocomp2008.pdf : article Moussaoui, S., et al., 2008
  • reference.bib : Bibliographic reference in bibtex format


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