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Master and Licence Internship and Ph.D. thesis

In French

Subject for 2018-2019

Paleoenvironmental reconstructions and greenhouse gas characterization in permafrost aquatic systems of Central Yakutia (Siberia)

A 3-year PhD scholarship is available in the fields of paleoenvironmental reconstructions and greenhouse gas characterization in permafrost aquatic systems of Central Yakutia (Siberia). The project will be conducted at Geosciences Paris Sud (GEOPS), in close collaboration with the Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l’Environnement (LSCE), both members of U. Paris Saclay, France. There will also be external interactions with researchers from Germany (Alfred Wegener Institute) and Canada (U. Montréal and INRS-ETE).

The project will be targeted at 3 main research axes:
- Age, sources and fluxes of greenhouse gases in lakes (isotope geochemistry)
- Past and present permafrost dynamics in the landscape (geocryology, geochemistry)
- Lake inception and development through time (paleolimnology)

The selected candidate will be actively involved in fieldwork sampling, to be conducted during at least two ice-free seasons near Yakutsk (Siberia). Laboratory work will be conducted at GEOPS and LSCE. The thesis will be supervised by Frédéric Bouchard and François Costard from GEOPS, and Christine Hatté from LSCE. Funding is available through the "Make Our Planet Great Again" international program launched by the French President.

Official start of the project: October 2018.

Candidate profile/skills:
- Background in geology, geochemistry, or a related discipline in Earth sciences
- Experience in fieldwork, working in remote locations, good physical shape
- Oral and written skills in English
- Experience in statistical analysis and R (or willing to learn it)
- Efficiency in GIS and/or remote sensing an asset
- Motivation, curiosity, self-reliance

See attached PDF file for project details.

PDF - 93 kb

Interested candidates are invited to send a CV, a one-page motivation letter and the name and e-mail address of three references to: Dr. Frédéric Bouchard Researcher GEOPS - Geosciences Paris Sud frederic.bouchard@u-psud.fr +33 (1) 69 15 48 61

Subject for 2014-2015

- PhD: Signal processing for Mars spectral data

- PhD: Signal processing for Mars spectral data The Planetary Fourier Spectrometer (PFS) instrument onboard the Mars Express mission (European Space Agency, ESA) recorded a very large dataset of spectra, thanks to 10 years of orbital observation around the Red Planet, at various places, local time and season, with unprecedented spectral resolution. Among other new detection, the PFS provided a very debated seasonal detection of atmospheric methane of several parts by billions. If true, this detection implies a large amount of methane released at present time, but also imply that methane is destructed very efficiently. Several candidate processes are proposed, including rocks alteration or life. This question has been considered at the top level by the ESA at the point to send the ExoMars Trace Gaz Orbiter mission (planed to launch in 2016 and arrive in 2017) to unravel this mystery. The main objective of this PhD program will be to correct the major limitation of the PFS instrument to have access to local atmospheric properties: the effect of micro-vibrations that can be corrected by blind deconvolution using complex variables.

PDF - 2 Mb

The Phd candidate must have the following skills:
-  High academic skills in at least two domains: signal processing, physics, programming, planetary science, remote sensing
-  Language skills: good English level (if possible basic French level)

Advisors: Frédéric Schmidt, Matthieu Kowalski

Location: Laboratoire GEOPS, Laboratoire L2S, Université Paris Sud/SUPELEC/CNRS

Phd funded for 3 year: from September 2015 to September 2018 Salary: 1400 €/month net (social security and taxes included) Student with equivalent Master degree.


- Implementation of advanced features for a Web client GIS

- Implementation of advanced features for a Web client GIS

As a part of Photothèque Planétaire activities the Planetary Geomorphology team of IDES laboratory develop an image display and analysis system with GIS capabilities, entirely based on Web applications. The web client is coded in JavaScript and AJAX. It makes use of the open source libraries openlayers and mootools. The applicant will implement advanced features in the client (profile extraction, graphic plots, download of analysis results ...)

Required skills: knowledge of JavaScript, AJAX and XML.

Supervisor : Chiara Marmo

Location : IDES Laboratory, Paris Sud University (Orsay)

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