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Publications Laure Dupeyrat

Publications on periglacial processes

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Process of thermal erosion Pure ice (on the right bank) and permafrost (on the left bank) are thermally eroded by a water flow thank you to Scott McGee for his permission to use this photo (

-  2018

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L. Dupeyrat, B. Hurault, F. Costard, C. Marmo, and E. Gautier, 2018. Satellite image analysis and frozen cylinder experiments on thermal erosion of periglacial fluvial islands. Permafrost and periglacial processes, Vol. 29 : 100-111.

-  2014

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F. Costard, E. Gautier, A. Fedorov, and L. Dupeyrat 2014. An Assessment of the Erosion Potential of the Fluvial Thermal Process during Ice Breakups of the Lena River (Siberia). Permafrost and periglacial processes, Vol. 25.

-  2011

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L. Dupeyrat, F. Costard, R Randriamazaoro, E. Gailhardis, E. Gautier and A. Fedorov, 2011. Effects of ice content on the thermal erosion of permafrost : Implications for coastal and fluvial erosion. Permafrost and periglacial processes, Vol. 22, 179-187.

-  2007

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R Randriamazaoro, L. Dupeyrat, F. Costard, and E. Gailhardis, 2007. Thermal erosion of ice or permafrost in contact with turbulent water flow : heat balance integral method. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 32, 12, 1828-1840.

-  2007

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Costard, F., E. Gautier, D. Brunstein, J. Hammadi, A. Fedorov, D. Yang, L. Dupeyrat, 2007 Impact of the global warming on the fluvial thermal erosion over the Lena river in Central Siberia. Geophysical Research Letters, Vol. 34 ( 14) L14501.

-  2003
Costard F., L. Dupeyrat, E. Gautier, and E. Carey-Gailhardis, 2003, Fluvial thermal erosion investigations along a rapidly eroding river bank : application to the Lena river (central Siberia), Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 28, 1349-1359.

Publications on Mars

-  2008

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Mangold, N., V. Ansan, D. Baratoux, F. Costard, L. Dupeyrat, H. Hiesinger, Ph. Masson, G. Neukum and P. Pinet (2008) Identification of a new outflow channel on Mars in Syrtis Major Planum using HRSC/MEx data, Planetary Space Science, 56, 1030–1042.

Publications on subduction

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Initiation of subduction at the vicinity of an ocean ridge
Magmatic implications

-  2000
Insergueix-Filippi, D., L. Dupeyrat, A. Dimo-Lahitte, P. Vergély, J. Bébien, Albanian ophiolites. II - Model of subduction zone infancy at a mid-ocean ridge. Ofioliti, 2000, 25 (1), 47-53.

Bébien, J., A. Dimo-Lahitte, P. Vergély, D. Insergueix-Filippi, L. Dupeyrat, Albanian ophiolites. I - Magmatic anc metamorphic processes associated with the initiation of subduction, Ofioliti, 2000, 25 (1), 39-45.

-  1999

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L. Dupeyrat, V. Ansan, and D. Insergueix, Evolution of a thermo-chemical lithosphere previously thickened. Application to Venus, Journal of Geophysical Research Planets, vol 104, E11, p 27,163-27,176, 1999.

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Insergueix, D., L. Dupeyrat, E. Tric, and M. Menvielle, The influence of plate kinematics, convection intensity and subduction geometry on the Earth’s upper-mantle dynamics in the vicinity of a subduction zone, Geophysical Journal International, vol 138 (1), p 275-284, 1999.

-  1997

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Insergueix, D, L. Dupeyrat, M. Menvielle and E. Tric ; Dynamics and thermal structure of a subduction zone : influence of slab geometry on the convective state of the Earth’s upper mantle, Phys. Earth Planet. Inter., 99, p 231-247, 1997.

Publications on convection in planetary mantles

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Numerical model of chemical and thermal convection
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Active tracers are used to model the chemical convection

-  1995

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Dupeyrat L., C. Sotin, and E. M. Parmentier, Thermal and Chemical Convection in Planetary mantles, Journal of Geophysical Research, 100, 497-520, 1995.

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Dupeyrat L. and C. Sotin, The effects of the transformation of basalt to eclogite on the internal dynamics of Venus, Planetary and Space Sciences, vol. 43, n° 7, pp 909-921, 1995.

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