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Eberswalde Crater in Perspective

Tuesday 29 November 2011

Mission:Mars Express

Instrument: HRSC: High-Resolution Stereo Camera

Eberswalde crater on Mars formed more than 3.7 billion years ago. The rim of the 65 km- diameter crater is intact only in the north-eastern part. The rest has been buried by ejecta from the larger, more recent Holden impact crater nearby.

Within the visible part of Eberswalde, a delta and its feeder channels are well preserved, as seen near the top of the crater. The delta covers an area of 115 square kilometers. Small, meandering feeder channels are visible towards the top of the crater, which would have filled it to form a lake.

The image was acquired by Mars Express around 25°S / 326°E during orbit 7208 on 15 August 2009. The images have a ground resolution of about 22 m per pixel.

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